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■  This equipment is used for welding ear straps of N95 folding masks: manually put the already formed N95 masks on the tooling, automatically stick the external nose bridge clip and use ultrasonic waves to match the special mold to weld the ear straps to a specific position of the mask.
■  The main production processes are: manual feeding, automatic circulation, automatic attachment of the nose bridge clips, automatic cutting and setting of the ear straps  and welding.
■   Mask structure: The mask body is mainly composed of non-woven fabrics. Medical masks are generally multi-layer structure, generally referred to as SMS structure. The actual number of the layers applied to the masks hasn’t been specified in the national standard GB / T 32610. A medical mask should be at least 3 layers,which is SMS (2 layers of S material and 1 layer of M material). Currently the highest number of layers applied in China is 5 layers, that is, SMMMS where S means stretch layer , M represents Meltblown layer.


■  The mask headband welding machine adopts streamline form, which is convenient to adjust, with good stability and high yield.
■  External nose bridge bar automatic cutting, length is adjustable to meet the needs of different customers.
■ With high versatility, the mode can be quickly and conveniently replaced to realize the production of folding masks with different shapes.
■  The headband is automatically fed, welded and formde by the  ultrasonic with double head and working positions.
■   External nose bridge aluminum frame winding material, automatic forming, cutting and bonding, product cost is relatively low, using heating bonding process, good bonding effect, stable performance and high yield.
■  This equipment is a functional module type, strong universal ,which can be flexibly matched with other models.


■  Product Model: N95 Mask Headband Welding Machine
■  Measurements: L * W * H = 3170x1090x1520 (mm)
■  Color: the frame adopts aluminum profile frame, and the color of the sealing plate is white;
■  G.W.: 1T, ground loading capacity  500KG / m2;
■  Working Power Supply: 220VAC ±5%, 50HZ, rated power 5KW;
■  Compressed air: 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa, flow rate 200L / min;
■  Productivity: UPH = 1200 PCS / H
■ Product Pass Rate:> 95% (except for incoming materials not meet specified technical requirements and/or employees’ improper operations)


N95 Mask Headband Welding Machine 
Production Lead Time 1-5 days 6-10days 11-15days
Unit Price (USD) Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable 

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